Equity Research - Video Script


1. The Equity Research tool provides:​
  • a broad range of fundamental data and general company information,

  • with deeper insight into key financial numbers,

  • including consensus analyst ratings (Buy, Hold, and Sell), target prices

  • and five years of historical and three years forward-looking financial information.

2. Advantages of Saxo Bank Equity Research:​

  • Equity Research is your key to analyzing the investment potential – and pitfalls – of a broad global company universe.
  • Break down of company information, from general background to detailed financial analysis.

  • Easily compare a company's performance and fundamentals to its peers.​​


1. Equity Research requires a subscription.​​ 

2. It is free for private clients with a Premium account with Saxo Bank, however the subscriber is required to  maintain a minimum account value of 100 000 USD or equivalent on the account. 

3. How to subscribe? First open a new view by clicking File > view > add view.  

4.Then, navigate to the Account Tab, go to Subscriptions and choose manage subscriptions.

5. In the subscription module choose Analysis and Click subscribe

6. You can now close the module. 


1. Navigate to the News and Research tab and click on Equity Research.

2. Right click on the header and chose panel

3. Type the company name or ticker in the Instrument field. For example Apple

4. The first tab contains the summary page where you can find a short summary of the company information. 

5. The General Info tab provides you with an overview of the company's key information such as Ownership, Management, Board members and recent Insider Trades. 

6. In the Financials tab you can see financial information such as Balance Sheet, Cash Flow etc. Historical information is available for the past 5 years and also contains estimates for the coming 3 years where applicable. 

7. The Valuation tab has the Rating Distribution of Buy, Hold, Sell and also on overview of Valuation Multiples for the past 5 years and estimations for the coming 3 years. 

8. The Comparable Companies tab has information of the company's peer's performance divided into 3 main topics such as Share Price Information, Operational Performance and Valuation. ​

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